A hassle free solution for Artists & Galleries :

I focus on building custom Websites with ergonomic Content Management Systems tailored specifically for Artists & Galleries.

Built on a solid and clear database, it will help you organize and showcase your Artworks in the best possible way.

Automations and others services (SaaS/Apps) could also be beneficial to your activities and make you save valuable time.
Please feel free to ask more about this, or consult my Workflow Optimization Services page here.

One simple goal : help you save time and effort !

Maintaining a website and regularly uploading content to keep your online catalogue can be a daunting task, especially without a polished and intuitive Content Managment System.

This is where I can really help you and make a difference, by carefully auditing your specific needs, to develop a custom "All in one" solution, centralizing your Portfolio(s) Database(s) in the most convenient and automated way possible, combined with almost infinite design flexibility, to support your content with a visual identity reflecting that of the Artist/Gallery represented. Please contact me to know more, or feel free to check this website I've built :

Projects Showcase

Here are some examples of high resolution Virtual Tours that I have worked on in the past, so that you can better judge the potential of such a new immersive medium for your own needs, creating unique and memorable experiences for your viewers.

My Experience

I have been shooting 360 panoramic content since 2013, and saw the explosion and democratization of Virtual Reality content, and classic Photo Virtual Tours.

My expertise ranges from low end "one shot" 360 cameras, up to highest resolution Gigapixel images. I have also worked on aerial gigapixel imagery for the most demanding of uses.