Booking Management WebApp

Dev & Design (Cloneable) - End of 2022

This is an MVP for a subscription based SaaS, where restaurant owners can create menu(s), manage bookings and receive deposit payments for corporate event bookings.
The owner is invited to create a Stripe (connect) account, and can then create a booking page (with a calendar) and add the different formulas offered for corporate events, and edit those from a dashboard page.
Users can then visit the booking page to verify availability, and then order exactly what they need. They will then be redirected to a payment page, charging them for 50% of their selection, to validate the booking.
Once a booking is made, we take a commission and transfer the payment to the client, who will handle the second payment in person, on the day of the booking.

The first iteration was built using only Memberstack, Make and Airtable, but I'm currently rebuilding it with Wized v2.

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